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Physical Therapy Evaluation

on February 22, 2012

This morning we had a physical therapy evaluation for Emily to determine how bad her torticollis is and if she will need continued therapy.  They did a Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation (MDE) on her to determine her eligibility for Early Intervention services.  She scored really well in the Adaptive, Personal-Social and Motor skills portions of the evaluation and then scored average/well in Communication and Cognitive portions.   The PT determined that Emily turns her head to both sides well (something we really worked on), but her issue is her head tilt.  She is fine tilting her head toward her left shoulder, but her neck is tight when we try to tilt her head toward her right shoulder, and she cries (which is what I found when I tried to do that stretch with her).  There are some exercises that we can do to try to loosen up her neck, and we are going to meet with a PT through Early Intervention 1x per month in order to make sure that her neck is progressively getting better and to make sure that her helmet is fitting properly.  They will come to Emily’s daycare, and I can just meet them there for her therapy.  I am happy that we aren’t going to do PT more often than that since we will have so many helmet appointments, especially at the beginning.  We should have our first PT appointment within 2 weeks.

I plan to follow up with the orthotics office today or tomorrow in order to find out where we are in terms of insurance approval of the helmet.


4 responses to “Physical Therapy Evaluation

  1. karen payne says:

    I came across your blog while looking at my stats for my site. I am pleasantly surprised to see my name on your site. I wanted to say thank you for supplying my site as a source of reference. During such a time, parents can feel very alone, as you probably have experienced yourself. I hope your journey is “short and sweet ” when it comes to the second band you are dealing with as far as your children are concerned. I hope Emily’s torticollis is getting better. We dealt with that with our twins. I can say, we are not tort free at 2 1/2 years. I wish you the best and I would love to share your blog on my fb if you don’t mind. Many parents would like to compare stories 🙂

    • karen payne says:

      **We are NOW torticollis free.. sheesh that would be a long time with tort!! lol**

      • myhelmetbabysquared says:

        You actually scared me a little with that! : )

        When my first daughter got her helmet a couple of years ago, I had no clue about any of this. You learn so much during the process! I LOVE that you and a few others have started businesses to make parents more comfortable with the idea of a helmet and to make it less awkward for them in public. Decorating Samantha’s helmet actually MADE me feel better about it, and people always called her by name since it was on her helmet. I’m still in disbelief that I have to do this again, but hopefully it will be shorter this time.

  2. HI. Enjoying the blog so far. Keep up the good work and we will be watching.

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