My Helmet Baby (Squared)

Our family's journey with plagiocephaly

Helmet Baby #1’s Experience

on March 13, 2012

In the wake of receiving our 2nd helmet in 3 years on Wednesday, I thought I’d share pictures of our helmet experience with Samantha 2 years ago.  Samantha got her helmet when she was 6 months, 1 week old and wore it until her first birthday (only at night the last 3 weeks.)

Here is a picture of Samantha on her first day in her helmet:

This picture is after we decorated the helmet.  I highly recommend decorating the helmet and putting the baby’s name on it.  The reactions that we got in public to the helmet changed dramatically after her name was on it.  Most people said “hi Samantha!” instead of “why is your baby wearing a helmet?”

Here are a few pictures of Samantha’s head before, during and after her helmet experience.  You can see that there was a pretty dramatic change in her head shape over time.  We were very happy with the correction from the helmet. (You can click on these pictures and they’ll open bigger.)


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