My Helmet Baby (Squared)

Our family's journey with plagiocephaly

We officially have a Helmet Baby #2

on March 16, 2012

We picked up Emily’s helmet yesterday from the orthotics company that we will be working with.  Our visit lasted about 50 minutes.  Amanda brought the helmet out to us, and it was just so cute and little!  She put it on Emily’s head, made some markings on it and then took it into the back to make some adjustments to it (by melting and maybe cutting the plastic?)  Then I tried to put it on and take it off of Emily myself.  It is amazing how quickly THAT came back to me, although I still could use some practice.  Emily wore it for about 15 minutes in the office and then we checked for red marks, but there were none that did not go away right away.  She ended up wearing it for the drive home, during which she fell asleep.  There is a schedule to build up to full time wear of the helmet, where the babies wear it for 1 hour on, 1 hour off the first day, 2 hours on, 1 hour off the second day, 4 hours on, 1 hour off (including naps) the third day plus nighttime wear, 8 hours on, 1 hour off the fourth day, and then 23 hours on the fifth day.  Today was Emily’s second day, but we were not perfect with the schedule due to different factors, but she really did not mind it at all most of the day.  She is still getting used to me putting it on and taking it off, and I think it was a little tiring for her sometimes, but she really did great overall.

Here is a picture of Emily in her carseat wearing her helmet home yesterday.

Last night, I decorated her helmet with some stickers from  It turned out really cute.  I took pictures of the helmet but need to upload them, and I want to get some pictures of Emily in it as well.  I actually have pictures of Samantha in her helmet on St. Patty’s Day 2010, so I’m going to post pics of both of them tomorrow.

Emily had her second physical therapy session today as well.  After her first session two weeks ago, we had to work on her head lag (her head lagging when she goes from laying to sitting), sitting by herself, and pivoting when doing tummy time (spinning on her belly.)  We worked on these skills since then, and Emily met all of her goals.  Our physical therapist Mary was impressed!  She recommended that we put Emily in the corner of a laundry basket to play with her toys.  The laundry basket will support her if she starts to fall since is it more confined, it keeps her toys within reach, and it is portable and safe.  In addition, it will help her correct her posture herself (catch herself) when she starts to fall.  We are also going to work on having her play with toys on her right side when she is in a sitting position, supporting herself with her right arm.  She does this well on her left side, but needs to work on supporting herself on the right.  Her next physical therapy session will be in 2 more weeks.

Stay tuned for more pictures!


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