My Helmet Baby (Squared)

Our family's journey with plagiocephaly

One Week Follow-Up

on March 23, 2012

On Wednesday, Emily had her one week follow-up appointment after getting her helmet.  I was not expecting much, but amazingly, she already had all-around head growth and some correction since she was last measured (when they scanned her on February 28.)  I noticed that Emily seemed a little chubbier (he he), but I did not notice much change in her head, so I am thrilled!  Amanda drilled 3 holes in the back of the helmet to help with her sweating in it, but that was the only adjustment that she needed to make.

Emily has adjusted to the helmet very well.  It seemed like she did not sleep quite as well the first 2 nights that she wore it, but since then, she seems to be back to normal.  I gave her little head a massage last night and this morning, and she seemed to just love it.  I remember Samantha would itch her head like crazy when we took her helmet off, but Emily hasn’t been doing that.  Every time we take the helmet off, she does this little shiver, which is hilarious.  I am glad to see that she has adjusted well.  I have set a goal to have her helmet off in 3 months.  Maybe that is a ridiculous goal, and I know that I can’t really control it, but I can hope, right??

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