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Our family's journey with plagiocephaly

A Slight Setback

on March 29, 2012

This week, Emily had a slight setback, but nothing major.  On the back left side of her head, where her head is not flat but is rubbing up against the helmet, she had a bit of a bump and redness from irritation.  I took her to see Amanda and she made a little space for that spot in the helmet by melting it, so that her head was not rubbing anymore.  I was concerned that it would end up being a small bump on Emily’s head permanently since her head could grow into that space, but she said that little bumps like that should smooth out over time.

When we first got the helmet, I had rounded up some baby shampoos that I didn’t typically use and put them in stations throughout the house, so that we could just wash Emily’s helmet and/or head wherever we were each night.  It may have been a bad idea to use different baby shampoos on her head and helmet that she wasn’t used to, so I switched back to the Aveeno Baby Moisturizing Body Wash and Shampoo that I had been using on Emily before all of this.  I don’t know if that was the problem, but hopefully, the consistency will help and the bump will go away.  It has already become less red.

Here are a few pictures of Emily from last Friday that I just have to share.  It was such a pretty day outside!  As you can see, Emily was not exactly thrilled with the feel of the grass.  This is really one of the first times that she ever felt the grass!

One response to “A Slight Setback

  1. I love the way her helmet is decorated here – so cute!

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